Full Moon Prayer Project

+ About Full Moon Prayer +

It's so simple.
Pray as the following at the same time on full moon day.
It would be great if you have quiet time or meditate before beginning.
After the prayer, please enjoy the peaceful feeling for a while.
It takes only a few minutes. Please join us!!

+ TIME of Prayer +

Japan: 23:00(=11:00p.m.), London: 14:00 *15:00, New York: 9:00 *10:00,
Los Angeles: 6:00 *7:00, China: 22:00, Sydney: 24:00 *25:00
Cape Town: 16:00 *summer time
** Please check the time difference listabout other area. **

+ Prayer +

Father Heaven, Mother Moon, Friend Earth
I am a part of you.
I was deeply grateful to you for allowing me to be here.
I am here now as who embodies love and joy.
I humbly swear from my heart that I share love with others.
Please bring peace, hope and joy to this world with your power
through me as your tool.
I live as who is kind to people around me.
I live as who loves people I don' know.
Please guide me so.
May this world be filled with a lot of love and light.
May people be happy with a big smile
May all the children always be safe and happy.
Father Heaven, Mother Moon, Friend Earth
I pray from my heart.
So be it.

*If you want to print .. +

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+ Qualifications+

Everybody can join this project if you wish to bring peace, hope and joy
to this world no matter what nation, tribe, religion or organizations.
It will be big power if as many people as possible join us.

Please share this project with your family and friends by e-mail or your web site.
We sincerely hope from our heart to connect with people all over the world at the same time.

+ time difference with japan +

+3 fiji, new zealand
+2 new caledonia
+1 guam, australia(sydney, merbourne)
+-0 japan, korea
-1 china(beijin, shanghai)
-2 thailand, indonesia
-2.30 myanmar
-3 bangradesh
-3.30 india, sri lankan
-4 pakistan
-5 oman
-5.30 iran, turkey
-6 russia(moscow), iraq, ethiopia, kenya, tanzania
-7 finland, roumania, greece, israel, egypt, south africa
-8 almost europe, nigeria, cameroon, zaire
-9 england, portugal, morocco, senegal, guinea, ghana
-10 iceland
-11 south georgia island
-12 brazil(rio de janeiro, argentina), uruguay
-13 chile, bolivia, venezzuela, brazil east
-14 north america(et), cuba, colombia, peru
-15 north america(ct)
-16 north america(mt)
-17 north america(pt)
-19 hawaii, alaska
* summer time is not reflected.

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