Full Moon Prayer Project

= About Project =

It has been said that the world would come to an ene or ascend in 2012.
It was said that the Mayan Calendar had been telling the wourld would finish
in December, 2012. The news that the oldest Mayan Calendar was found
on May 10th, 2012 was reported in the American magazine "Science"
and theis news ran about all over the world. According to this oldest calendar,
it runs for more six thousand years from now.

We humans sometimes destroy nature and hurt each other in the war.
Now each of us should focus on gentleness, peace, hope and joy in human,
and then we can create big waves for good.

This project is started because we believe we can create big force to change
into good direction by gathering our wish for peace and becoming one.

= Bring the world peace! =

Each religion and tribe has its own prayer and we can also become one
through prayer beyond any religion and tribe.
Moreover prayer makes us simple in somehow.
We hope we can share some time through our heart with many people once a month.

We pray together at 11:00pm (japan time) on each full moon at the same time
of the world until December 2012.

TIME of Full Moon Prayer
Japan: 23:00
New York: 9:00 *10:00
Los Angeles : 6:00 *7:00
London: 14:00 *15:00
Dublin: 14:00 *15:00
Paris: 15:00 *16:00
Madrid: 15:00 *16:00
Cape Town: 16:00
Beijin 北京: 22:00
Singapore: 22:00
Hong Kong: 22:00
Sydney: 24:00 *25:00
*summer time

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